"Welcome one and all."
--Atone City Gate

Tales of Atonement

A punishment for our folly...

In the 13th and 14th centuries, many don't know it; but the beginning of the end of the world was already upon us...

Our story starts in 1297. A young Scottish boy named Mairtin and his twin brother Shane meet with the young Madelyn and over time, an adventure unfolds revealing mystery, magic, and maybe a little love. But he's later plummeted through time and appears again deep in the 2500's.  Most humans live in fear, and Atone only has sunlight one day out of the month called "The Day of Light". Now, Mairtin must manage life in this new world order--but what of Madelyn??

Y2k wasn't an urban myth, or anything of the sort; it happened. For months, the world is wreaked with havoc, until humans do what humans do when things aren't going the right way--they begin blaming one another. A war breaks out between China and America, with many other countries joining into the fray.

No one's sure who fired the first shot anymore, but once one nuclear missile was launched, out of spite, both sides began releasing what they had. Once the proverbial dust had settled, billions were dead, thousands more were dying, and weather across the world was massively effected.

Some time later,  2011, a news broadcast follows something most would have never dreamed of happening, and no one saw coming; a delegate from the realm of mythical creatures was speaking with the current acting president of the United States. Over time, more and more mythical creatures and personages begin resurfacing, speaking with delegates of other countries such as Japan, China, Australia, England, and more. It seemed as though what many thought really was true: Once, long ago, these beings did live among us. When man became high on it's own knowledge, it slowly became evident that one day, it would be disastrous for these beings. Oracles confirmed their fears, and they went into hiding, using magic to remain that way for thousands of years...

In 2283, Atone completely became a city of sin (Humans were parlaying with demons and more), the other nations slowly did begin to forget about one another.

In 2347, the vampires rose up against the demons, fighting for control of Atone. Three years later, the demons called a truce, surrendering partial control. Now, humans no longer lived in fear of death or damnation. They were cattle to be fed upon and allowed to live, to feed from another day.

By 2456, Atone had become so dark and evil, it started getting less sunlight so a lot of necessary crops started dying off. It got steadily worse despite the military trying to take back control, until 2500.

For the next twenty years various people tried to get rid of the problem, but all of them were driven out. SWAT, National Guard, other kingdoms, eventually the only humans who were safe were those with magical talent, or ones who were willing to cooperate with the vampires.

Now, in he year 2525, Mairtin finds himself thrust in thie mess of a world, and must do all he can to survive, live, even thrive in such a world. And somehow, along the way, he may be able to help sort out all the mess...

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